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Case Study

City of Arvada, Colorado

Many employers in their efforts to manage healthcare costs focus on changes to benefit plan design; however, those changes don’t impact underlying root healthcare cost drivers. Like other municipalities and private sector organizations across the nation, the City of Arvada has looked for ways to significantly improve the health of their employee population while simultaneously retaining competitive benefits. Working with Everside Health allowed them to address lack of access and care inefficiencies that affected employee health and rising costs.

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The Challenge

Established in 1870, Arvada, Colorado is a beautiful first-ring suburb of Denver. With its quiet neighborhoods and robust mix of business, Arvada retains its smalltown feel even with its estimated population of more than 115,000. While many employers have focused on changes to benefit plan design as a way to manage and control costs, these changes can be limited in their impact on the underlying root healthcare cost drivers. Recognizing these limitations led the City of Arvada to examine other new and innovative health solutions available in the

Our Solution

The City of Arvada’s Human Resources team along with City Manager, Mark Deven, led the implementation of the strategy starting with the change to a selffunded plan. As possible healthcare solutions were identified, the team utilized their Benefits Advisory Committee to provide feedback, involving stakeholders from every department across the City to ensure consensus was achieved in the decision-making process.

Why Everside Health? “After reviewing the ROI analysis and learning the costs, benefits and risks involved, we realized Everside Health was an ideal fit for our organization,” said Gabriella Bommer, Deputy Director of Human Resources. “Everside showed us a completely different model. Where you could actually have a relationship with your doctor – the emphasis is on doctor-patient  relationship and access to care.”

Everside Health gives patients greater access to their doctors and the opportunity to build trusting relationships with them, which leads to greater engagement and satisfaction in their personal healthcare. Rather than just treating patients once they become sick, Everside care teams leverage a population health management approach through proactive care screenings and personalized outreach designed to better manage chronic conditions. 


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