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Case Study

City and County of Waukesha, WI

Partnering alongside a governing body to provide onsite healthcare to its employees—one that works alongside the organization’s existing health plan— is a benefit that requires a proven industry leader. Now imagine a partnership with two separate governing bodies, each with their own health plans, on a solution that works seamlessly for every employee visiting their shared health center.

By partnering with Everside Health, the City and County of Waukesha have saved over $48M in net healthcare savings, while employees and their families have saved over $2M since the center’s opening. More than $4M in claims costs savings have been attributed to the Everside partnership. This has resulted in a collective ROI >6:1 for the City and County since the center’s first opening. What’s more: over 99% of employees who have used the center rated the
services as either good or excellent and were likely to return.

Positive Impact for Clients and Workforce

> 0 %

99% rated services as good or excellent and likely to return


medical cost claims inflation over 6 years across full population

> 6:1 ROI

with $48M+ in net savings for employers since opening

$ 0 M+

out-of-pocket savings for employees & families since opening

The Challenge

“We’ve had 0% premium increases, three times [in the last five years]. I attribute a lot of that to the clinic’s success.”

–Kevin Lahner, City Administrator

Our Solution

Established in 2014, the Waukesha Employee Health and Wellness Center provided an immediate benefit to both City and County employees who needed a solution to a lack of affordable area care. Initially a location for both primary and urgent care, the center quickly expanded to offer new services that employees needed, including occupational health/workers’ compensation and physical therapy.

Everside’s partnership also includes a client-facing dashboard called Everside Insights that gives the County and City 24/7 access to anonymized patient data, helping inform their decisions to add new services, see the impact of various wellness programs and offerings, and evolve the partnership efficiently.

One key differentiator in Everside’s care teams is the smaller patient panels and lengthened appointment times that support a healthy, long-term patient provider relationship. Everside clinicians are trained to partner alongside their patients and consider the individual needs, goals, and lifestyles they’re facing when designing a long-term care plan. This emphasis on trust and partnership is the cornerstone to effective condition management and long-lasting health improvements.

Rather than just treating patients once they become sick, Everside care teams leverage a population health management approach through proactive care screenings and personalized outreach designed to better manage chronic conditions and reduce costs for both employee and employer. 

“Receiving the reporting that we do from Everside Health is very helpful. Both the county and the members have saved significantly since the clinic has opened.”

–Andrea Mohr, Employee Benefits Administrator

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